Taking a Look at Gold Diggers Slot

Accompanied by cheery banjo-and-harmonica music, BetSoft’s online Gold Diggers slot title captures a cartoonish nostalgia for the 1849 California Gold Rush.

The design features BetSoft’s usual attention to bold colours and fine detail, with the five reels housed in a stout wooden frame among the pit props, swinging lanterns and pulley networks of an old mine.

Game controls are housed in coco pans below the reels, and player can choose from 1 to 30 paylines, with coin denominations of 0.02 rising in five levels to 0.50, and the possibility of staking 1 to 5 credits per payline.

A fat, bearded gold miner and a tall, skinny miner are the two heroes of the Gold Diggers slot, along with the busty blonde country gal they are trying to impress.

The tone is light-hearted, with the usual amusing BetSoft animations heralding wins and bonus features. The two miners and their girlfriend do a lot of dancing…

Base Play has Eight Themed Symbols

Like most BetSoft titles, the Gold Diggers slot relates all of its icons to the theme. Only two payline symbols require three matches or better to win prizes: the pan of gold nuggets and the pickaxe.

Higher-value symbols begin winning prizes at just two matches. These include a coco pan or ore, a lantern, barrels of grease, the country girl, the skinny miner and the beardy miner.

Prizes start at 25 or 30 coins, at the 5-credit bet level, for three gold pans or three pickaxes. For five of a kind, the eight payline symbols pay prizes of 250, 375, 500, 625, 750, 1,500, 2,000 or 2,500 coins, respectively.

Gold Diggers Slot Online

Dynamite Symbols Explode with Extra Chances

The first of the three bonus symbols that increase the winning opportunities in the Gold Diggers slot has three fizzing dynamite sticks.

These make winning combinations if they appear in the right sequence on a payline just like the ordinary symbols: 200, 500 or 1,000 coins for three, four or five matches.

However, the dynamite sticks will then explode, with new icons cascading in to take their place. The player gets an effectual free re-spin, with the chance of racking up more prizes.

Scatter Plus Extra Bonus Symbol

Like slots having scatters at https://onlinecasinobc.net/slots, Gold Diggers slot includes a Scatter: a poster advertising the gold rush and claims to be staked. Three of these in any position trigger the Gold Rush Bonus Game on a new screen. On the mine wall, the player must pick spots for the miners to dig. They can uncover up to three separate bonus coin prizes to add to the spin’s earlier win.

The Gold Diggers slot’s final bonus features a tunnelling gopher. He must show up in sequence from Reel 1 on the same payline, but three or more gophers trigger the Gopher A Dig bonus round.

The player clicks on various Click Me symbols on the reels, and the gopher burrows to each one to reveal an extra prize. He’s quite a feisty personality, and this bonus feature adds another layer to this Canadian online slot’s overall atmosphere of cheerful gold digging.