Cryptologic is known for creating interesting slots with unusual themes, and Jenga is a good example of such a slot. Jenga is a game played with 54 blocks fitting together to form a tower. The aim of the game is to take out one block at a time without causing the tower to collapse. Jenga is a very strategic game, as it takes focus and strategy in order to decide which block is the safest to remove. In real life, 2 or more players can participate, but this online slot only allows for a single user game.

Cryptologic changed the whole setup of online slots as we know it when they launched the Jenga online slot. This video slot does not have reel symbols like anyone would expect from an online slot, yet it does come with 18 paylines.

Special Features

Since this slot and how to play it, is completely different from the normal slots players would find online, this already counts as a special feature. However, the fun of this slot does not just stop there. You can expect free games as well as Wild and Scatter symbols carrying substantial winnings even on horse racing.

Every layer of the tower in this Jenga slot represents a payline. For winning combinations, you need to secure 3 same colour blocks on 1 active payline. This layout also allows more than 3 blocks of the same colour to form a winning combination because the multiple lines with same colour combinations can also form winning combinations.

The Jenga Wild symbol of this slot is magic block, and this block has the power to transform into block similar to those that surround him, in order to complete winning combinations.

A very interesting as well as helpful feature of this slot is the layer bombs. This bomb blows up a few lines of this slot and then new blocks fill these lines. These layer bombs appear in different sizes, and they can eliminate 2 to 8 paylines at a time.

Free Games And Betting Options

The free games feature is also presented with a bit of a twist. With every winning combination, the symbols involved disappear and are replaced with other random symbols. Every time symbols come down onto the tower and there are no winning combinations to make way for the next batch of blocks, this tower just gets higher and higher. The tower reaches a stage where it just collapses, and at that stage a free game is rewarded to you.

Jenga presents you with the option to either play 9 or all 18paylines, and nothing in between is allowed. Players do however have to choice to adjust the stake value, starting at 5c and working its way up to 25 coins.

Slot Symbols And Design

The developers have done an exceptional job to create a slot with such a real life feel to it. Jenga is set against a blue backdrop, and the flashing lights makes you feel like you belong in Vegas.

The symbols of this slot are a combination of layer bombs and a blue, silver, yellow, orange, purple, green and red rocks. This is a colourful slot that is a good time passer but also offer substantial winnings that make it worth while.