The most notable feature of Amaya Gaming’s’ Thundering Zeus Top 20 online video slot is the Wild, featuring the great god Zeus himself. The slot is set in a classical marble temple atop Mount Olympus, home of the Greek pantheon. From here, Zeus rules both the heavens and the earth with his mighty thunderbolts.

The Zeus Wild can substitute as usual for other Thundering Zeus Top 20 symbols, but when it appears on Reel 3, the icon expands to fill the reel, with full-length Zeus towering majestically against the cosmos. The player then gets three free re-spins, during which Zeus remains as a fixed Wild over all three windows on Reel 3, heralding each re-spin with a crash of lightning and thunder.

Guess Right for Best Bonus Round Options

The second feature of the Thundering Zeus Top 20 slot that may convince players to give it a go is the free spins bonus round. This is triggered by a Scatter symbol, a golden disc embossed with lightning flashes. It appears only on Reels 2, 3 and 4, but when it occurs on all three reels at once, it activates the bonus round.

At this point, Thundering Zeus Top 20 switches to a new screen. Against a stylised picture of Mount Olympus, a field of the gold discs appears. In the centre of the screen the options hidden behind these discs are listed: 5, 7, 10 or 15 free spins, each with a X2 multiplier applied to all wins, or 20 free spins with a X3 multiplier. The player picks discs to reveal the options they hide. When players have racked up three matches of one particular option, the free spins round is triggered at that level, on the original reels and bet settings.

Standard Slots Play with Variable Bets

Apart from these two special features that can pump up the wins, Thundering Zeus Top 20 is quite standard as online slots au. Usually, it is simply called Thundering Zeus; the Top 20 suffix refers to the 20 fixed paylines. Players can set coin denominations at a number of levels from 0.02 to 1.00, and they can also bet between 1 and 10 credits of that denomination per line.

However, the prizes on the Thundering Zeus Top 20 pay table rise in strict proportion to the number of credits bet; there are no extra bonuses added to prizes at the 10-credit bet level. So whether the player plays for high stakes or low, or 10 credits of a low denomination versus 1 credit at a higher setting, is entirely a matter of personal preference and budget.

Colourful Symbols, but Little Story

While the mythological theme of Thundering Zeus Top 20 is clear, it doesn’t have much story. Apart from Zeus, there are two other characters, both of them his children: Pan, god of flocks and livestock, and Persephone, goddess of crops and fertility. Fecundity and increase, applied to the player’s stake, seems to be the link. They are the top-scoring ordinary symbols, winning prizes for two matches or better. On a 1-credit, five Pans pay 750 credits, and Persephone wins 600 credits for a full line.

All-Wild combos on the same payline win up to 10,000 credits for five matches. The other high-value symbols are a golden lyre and a wine amphora. Thundering Zeus Top 20 uses six card symbols, the 9 to A, tied to the theme using faux-Greek script formed from mosaic tiles in rainbow hues.