In the world of online gambling, poker is certainly one of the most popular games around. The electronic version, called video poker offers players the ability to play 5 card draw poker without having to wait for an available table. This means that players can log on and play an exciting and rewarding poker game any time day or night. In the notes below, we are going to look at how to play iPad video poker for free or for real money online.

How the Game Works?

Mobile video poker can be played on your iPad by downloading the iPad mobile casino app or by playing instantly online via the flash website. There are a number of variations of iPad video poker, however the most popular version is the classic 5 card draw better known as jacks or better. If you are familiar with this classic poker game, you will have no trouble adjusting to the mobile casino game version. The game itself consists of a single screen with the bet buttons located at the bottom of the screen and the paytable located on the top of the screen.

Placing Your Bet

A game of jacks or better iPad video poker begins with the player placing his or her bet. This can be done by clicking on the bet one or bet max buttons located at the bottom of the screen. The more a player bets each hand, the higher the payouts will be for any winning hand. Once the player has placed their bet, they can then tap on the deal button. The game software will then deal the player five cards facing up. The aim of 5 card draw jacks or better poker is to create the highest poker hand possible using the cards you have been dealt.

Holding or Discarding Cards

In jacks or better iP pokies NZ, the minimum winning hand is a pair of jacks. If players do not achieve a pair of jacks, they will lose their bet. After the first set of cards have been dealt, players can hold any of the cards on the screen by tapping on the card itself. In this real money slots Canada game, there is no point in holding a single pair less than jacks unless the player is going for three or four of a kind. The cards can be deselected by tapping on the card again.

The Payouts for 5 Card Draw

Once a player has made their final decision on which cards they wish to keep, they can then tap on the draw button and the game software will replace the discarded cards with fresh cards from the pack. In 5 card draw iPad video poker, the computer will automatically determine if the player has a winning hand and will pay out according to the paytable amount and the bet amount. In 5 card draw, the lowest paying hand is a pair of jacks followed by two pairs, then three of a kind, followed by a straight and a flush. The highest paying hands include a full house, four of a kind, a straight flush and a royal flush.