All land based casinos need to be licensed, and the online world is no different. If you are playing at an online casino it is absolutely essential to ensure that it is legal, licensed, and operating under all appropriate laws. Playing at an unlicensed casino is dangerous for a number of reasons, and should never be done under any circumstances.

Thankfully, it is easy to determine if a digital venue is a legal online casino. Proof of licensing will be easily available to review, and a logo will generally be displayed at the lower right of an online casinos homepage.

Do keep in mind, however, that a casino may display proof of licensing without actually being officially licensed. If you ever have any doubts, contact the casino customer support centre and ask to see proof that the digital venue is legal.

A reputable legal will do everything in its power to ensure that guests not only have an enjoyable experience, but feel 100% safe at all times. Most reputable casinos have flawless operating records, and have never had any kind of controversy tarnish their player’s enjoyment.

It is not unheard of, however, that online casinos get involved in questionable situations. Thankfully websites such as keep records of complaints against casinos, and also assist in resolving problems.

Visit to see if any digital venue is a legal online casino, and also learn if the casino has been caught up in questionable situations. Note that is updated regularly, and hence should also be visited regularly.

There is no harm at all in checking up on a casino you are already familiar with, and have been playing at for some time. Remember that will help you retrieve funds you believe you are owed, but any licensed online casino will very likely be happy to help you resolve the situation.

Contact the casino’s customer support centre before asking for help.

Avoiding Unlicensed Casinos

Unlicensed casinos tend to pop up, gather as much money as possible, and disappear again without a trace. As a result, the websites tend to appear less professional and user friendly than an established legal online casino.

This doesn’t mean that every online casino that lacks a certain degree of polish is illegal, but it doesn’t help to check if you have suspicions.

Another sign that a casino might not be licensed is that the bonuses or promotions offered are way too good to be true. A legal online casino will offer great deals, but when you spot one that seems to good to be true, it might be time to check the place out.

Illegal casinos make an effort to lure as many customers as possible with promotions they simply cannot back up. Upon confirming that a casino is unlicensed and operating illegally, it is always a good idea to notify friends and community groups immediately.

It is again good news to note that unlicensed casinos are few and far between, and there are many reputable places that are highly professional and have spotless operating records.