The Irish lottery, which is also known as the National Lottery in Ireland, was first put together in 1986 with the formation and signing into law of the National Lottery Act. The reason for its creation was to help to raise money for worthy causes around the country. There are several of these causes which qualify to be supported by the National Lottery in Ireland including health programs in Ireland, national heritage programs in Ireland, welfare programs in Ireland, Irish art programs, environmental programs and also programs that support Irish language in some way.

The National Lottery started to actually operate in 1987 – roughly a year after the National Lottery Act was passed. The games they started with were scratchcards, and these proved hugely popular nationwide. It was roughly a year later that they brought out their main game which was the Lotto. Things have grown significantly since then, and the body now operates a total of three games within the country of Ireland. These include the Daily million, the Euro Millions and the normal Lotto. They also continue to sell a large number of scratchcards and even sponsor several game shows. It used to be that if one wanted a lottery ticket, one would have to go to a retail store. That is no longer the case. People interested in participating in National Lottery games can purchase them via the internet. They can also see online lotto NZ results on many of the sites that sell the tickets.

Irish Lottery Money Raised and Participation

They had been operating a little over 26 years when the National Lottery announced they had managed to raise over four point four billion euros for the various causes that they support. Its total revenue up to that point was a staggering twelve billion euros, and it had paid a whopping six point seven billion euros in prizes to people who had participated and one in games. And there are a lot of Irish people that are playing the National Lottery and checking Irish lotto results on a regular basis. There are two point two million people the lottery to be exact. That’s roughly sixty four percent of the population of the country. Furthermore, out of those two point two million people, there are forty two percent that play the National Lottery on a weekly basis and are regularly checking Irish lotto results.

Irish Lottery Games

Irish Lottery games include several variations and all of them are played a bit different. The first game is the Lotto. This is the main game from the National Lottery. It has a jackpot that starts at two million euros and goes up. Once players have picked their numbers, they must check the Irish lotto results in order to see if they have won.

The second game is Lotto Plus. Lotto Plus is a type of bonus that can be added to the regular Lotto game. There are also comparison with bingo Canada bonus offered to players online  Players pay an additional amount per line in order to have a chance at winning another jackpot of two hundred and fifty thousand euros. In order to see if they won, players have to check the Irish lotto results.

The last two games are Lotto 5-4-3-2-1 and EuroMillions.