Mobile online tequila poker is a casino game that happily combines the best parts of five card poker and blackjack. The player will be dealt four cards, and will then decide whether to try for a poker hand or one that encompasses the total points. Then another two cards will be dealt, and the five best of these will make up the final hand.

Mobile online tequila poker is a great choice for those who enjoy a game of five card poker, and manages to draw in blackjack fans as well. The mix of the best elements of these two games is intoxicating, and the fact that it can now be played anywhere at all is hard to beat. It is an easy game to learn the rules of, and even newcomers are in the running for the win, so access your mobile account today and get into the running.

Starting to Play Tequila Poker

When you start playing mobile online tequila poker, you will be asked to lay a wager by selecting a wager, and then choosing an ante position on the table. You will click to add your chip, in most cases, or decrease your bet with a right click, if you wish.

Once your bet has been placed you will click the deal button, and will be dealt a four card hand, the point total of which will be displayed to the left. Now is the time to choose to play online poli poker, high tequila, or to fold. Should you choose to play you will be asked to lay a second wager, equalling your ante bet, and, should you fold, this total will be lost.

Two further cards will then be dealt, should you stay in the game, and these will be arranged so that your best hand is displayed. Should these constitute a winning hand, you will win even money on the ante bet, and your main bet will pay out according to the accompanying paytable. Should you not win, you will lose both the ante and main bets and the round will end.

Start Playing Online Tequila Poker

Mobile online tequila poker is not a complicated game to learn and play, but, if you are completely n new to the game, do try it out in the free and demo versions available. As soon as you have the rules and regulations straightened out you can simply switch over to the real money game, both registering and signing in for a new account, or being directed to a game at once.

Mobile online tequila poker has incredible special in play features to offer players, and provides top of the line graphics that ensure you are completely immersed and entertained each step of the way. Whether you are playing free and demo versions to learn the tricks of online gaming, or making your way to the big jackpot win from wherever you are, your satisfaction is guaranteed each step of the way!