Long before players were able to partake in lotto games online, people were playing the game in the ancient world. As far back as at one hundred and eight seven years before Christ in the Hun Dynasty, Chinese citizens were playing a form of the lottery on what was known as keno slips. The purpose of these first incarnations of the lottery was to help pay for large municipal works that the government would take part in. An example of these types of work might have been the Great Wall of China which was built to keep an invading force from the Eurasian Steppe from attacking the country. This first lottery is talked about in a Chinese book called “The Book of Songs” and it was done on keno slips.

There are additional references to the lottery in other classical times. The Celtic used to draw lots as well, and Homer’s Iliad tells of lots being placed in the helmet of Agamemnon to see which of the soldiers would fight the mighty hector. As one can see, a lottery does not always have a positive outcome. It was not always the fun and entertainment that playing mobile lotto USA games online can bring to players today.

During the Roman Empire, lotteries were often played at parties. As the various guests arrived at the party, they were given a lottery ticket of sorts. The host would then randomly draw a number from some type of vessel. If the host drew your number, you were often given some sort of exotic item. For dinner parties, it was often that the winning guest would be given plates or perhaps cups. The nice thing about the lotteries at these private parties during the Roman Empire was that every single one of the guests would at least win something.

Fast forward to early modern history, and King James the First authorised a lottery and a bingo hall in order to help fund the settlement of the first colony in Virginia. This was in sixteen twelve. The tradition of lotteries continued in early America with over two hundred of the games being officially carried out in the mid to late seventeen hundreds. They helped pay for various public works such as churches, schools, roads, bridges and libraries. Some of the most prestigious universities in the United States were funded by the lottery. These include both Princeton and Columbia. It would be nearly 300 years later before players could play lotto games online.

Lotto Games Today

In modern times, the lottery is played in a myriad of countries. These countries include Canada, Australia, India, Germany, Israel, New Zealand, Mexico, Spain, the United Kingdom, Thailand, and the United States. Even though the games rules and payouts can vary from country to country, the premise is generally the same. The player is exchanging a smaller sum of money for a very small chance at being awarded a large amount of money. Odds can be from 1 in 14 million to 1 in 250 thousand and many with odds both higher and lower.

Lotto Games Online

In the digital age, a player can partake in lotto games online as well as those which are purchased at a physical location. There are even sites that allow a player to register for multiple lotteries at once and play in countries in which they do not reside. The lottery has come a long way in 2000 years.