The Online Supernova Slot Game

As the human race becomes more and more capable of handling life on our own planet, we naturally start to gather an interest and understanding about life and the universe beyond our own. In this Supernova online slot game from Amaya Games this is the journey ahead, with all manner of space related symbols, backdrop and more to get the players involved in the exploration of space happening on the reels of this game. As such the graphics of the game are also quite adept, bringing an array of colours and animations to the table to make the reels of this slot game look quite appealing and definitely suggestive of space and the mysteries therein.

On the whole there are a set of 3 game reels to this online Supernova slot game, with 3 rows of symbols and 27 ways to win, meaning that combinations form when symbols appear in adjacent reels starting from the left most reel. There is however an additional set of reels in this online slot from Amaya Games, which contain two reels, laid out with a range of multipliers. This second set of reels spin whenever players land a win on the first set, adding multipliers hopefully to this win then. This makes up the majority of the bonus features involved in this online slot game, whilst the Wild symbol completes the other end of the bonus feature scale.

Exploring Space through this Slot Theme

Space and all it holds is rather incomparably large, containing massive quantities of different objects that our species may never discover, understand or even realise could be there, and so the mysteries of this decently sized locale attract our curiosity. In this mobile betting Australia the central role in the space setup on the reels is played by these transcending stars, reaching a different stage in their lives and reflecting this back to the players through the various colour schemes employed on the reels. The graphics of this slot are rather straightforward, with the symbols and backdrop slightly undulating with a certain animated ebb and flow that gives the game a rather calming atmosphere about it.

The specific symbols in this Supernova slot game from Amaya Games include various expanding stars and a few helixes or particles of some nature. Overall these add a fair degree of colour and a bit of whimsy to the reels, given that these symbols appear of a similar scale on the reels and in reality the two are on either end of the space size scale. The relative simplicity of these symbols also makes the reels look considerably less cluttered than some other online video slots can become.

A Touch of Bonus Feature in Space

There is a Wild symbol in this Supernova slot game that appears as a shimmering, almost translucent orb of light that has the word Wild written across it. This symbol can then substitute in for other game symbols and make more wins on the mobile pokies reels.

The special reels feature of this slot game adds two reels to the already played 3 reels whenever a winning combination forms. These last two reels have various multipliers on them, 2 times up 10 times, as well as a wormhole like symbol that ends the multiplier run. Otherwise players can use this feature to potentially increase their total wins from the base game.