Key Differences Between American Roulette & European Roulette

Real Money Roulette Aus is an extremely popular casino game, found in the majority of real world and online casinos across the world. There is, however, not one single version of roulette, with two main variations that have minor, but extremely important differences.

Some casino game players are unaware of the differences, and tend to think there is only one kind of roulette, being unaware that one version has undeniable advantages over the other, as far as the player is concerned.

The first version we will discuss is widely known as the American version. American roulette came about when the original French version was adopted by casinos, and American casino owners sought a way to increase the house edge.

That is to say, they sought a way to make the game more profitable to the casinos. This, of course, meant that the game had to be less profitable to players. The change made was by adding an extra pocket to the casino wheel, namely the double zero pocket. This means that American roulette has both the single zero pocket, and double zero pocket, both of which behave in the same way.

The Double Zero Pocket

The double zero pocket on American roulette wheels appears on the opposite side of the single zero pocket. Both the zero and double zero are not included in any of the combination bets, meaning that a player must specifically bet on them in order to win. It is, of course, not often done, since it makes more sense to utilise the far more generous combination bets.

Therefore, the double zero pocket offers nothing to the player, and stands only as a way to make the game more profitable for casinos. It should be noted that the American roulette wheel is not accepted in any European casinos, and is in fact widely considered to be a rather shameful attempt by American casinos to pervert the game.

Thankfully, most online casinos in America, and the rest of the world, offer both versions of the game as well as other games like craps, online blackjack and slots. If a person has any sense they will always insist on playing with the European wheel.

European Roulette

On the European roulette wheel, as has already been said, there is only one zero pocket. This, effectively, halves the house edge in comparison to the American version. There is another rule however, completely ignored by American casinos, that further helps to offer the player a breath of fresh air, even if the zero pocket is struck.

This rule is referred to as the en prison rule. For the en prison rule, if a player has placed a bet on evens, and the zero pocket is landed, only half of this bet is lost, with the other half remaining where it stands.

The money will remain in this position for the following spin, and should it result in a win the player will get paid out accordingly. The en prison rule, therefore, effectively allows at least some chance of winning, even if the zero pocket makes an appearance.