American Poker 2 Review & Guide for Players

American Poker 2 is an online video poker game. It is, basically, one of the simplest and most accessible online poker games available, offering virtually nothing in terms of special effects, graphics or sound, and seeming almost primitive in an industry based around dazzling the player.

What American Poker 2 does offer, however, is highly addictive game play that can be picked up in just seconds.

The theme of the game, apparently America, is almost nowhere to be found in the game itself, other then a stars and stripes log at the top of the screen. Were it not for the decorated logo the name of the game could very easily just have been poker.

The sound design of the game is likewise simple and uninspiring, consisting of a few chimes and jingles to indicate cards being dealt or a round ending. But, assuming we have all accepted that this game is not going to win any awards for aesthetics audio, lets talk about what makes it so popular.

What’s the Game Play Like?

The player decides on a bet before the cards are dealt, using the plus and minus buttons located near the bottom of the screen. Once this has been chosen, the deal button may be clicked, found at the bottom right of the screen.

Five cards will appear in the play area, face down, and after a second will turn face up. Above the cards, very clearly visible, are the winning hands the player should be aiming for.

Five of a kind is the most valuable hand possible, and will also make apparent that there is a joker system in the game. The joker, simply, acts as a substitute and will fit into any hand. Upon viewing the cards the player may select to hold the cards they want, by clicking them, and may then select deal to have unwanted cards replaced.

If any winning hands are achieved a payout will be mad automatically.  A new bet may now be selected and the deal button can be clicked again to start a new hand.

Special Features To Be Excited About

The joker card in American Poker 2 has already been mentioned, and acts as one would expect. It will, always, be a welcome sight, since a winning hand is virtually guaranteed. American Poker 2 is a highly generous game, and winning hands are frequent. There is one other special feature to look out for, however, which adds a layer of intrigue to an already highly addictive game.

At the bottom of the pay table a mini-bonus is clearly listed, which will change with each hand. This mini-bonus will state the circumstances in which extra cash will be granted, and gives the player something to aim for similar to when you try out the slots NZ has to offer online these days.

It may be, for example, jacks or better, which indicates the player will receive the bonus for achieving a jacks or better hand. Be warned, however, as valuable hands are often accidentally thrown away as the player scrambles to get the mini-bonus. It is always recommended to think about potentially valuable hands first and the mini-bonus second.