Horse races provide Australians with enjoyable social occasions, a great opportunity for a bet or two, and a chance for a ‘win on the ponies’.  Their big, famous races are global sporting events, with a great following generated all over the world, but the smaller horse races, held in some of the tiny bush towns of Australia, also create an enormous amount of interest.

McKinlay is a town in the remote north west of the state of Queensland, over 1500 kilometres north of the capital Brisbane. At the last census McKinlay and the surrounding pastoral area had a population of 417. The town is named after the nearby McKinlay River, which itself was named after a Scottish explorer, called John McKinlay, who is credited with establishing the town in 1861. Gold was discovered in the area in 1872. Australia’s largest silver and lead mine is 85 kilometres west of McKinlay.

McKinlay has Australia’s smallest public library, park and museum. The hotel, however, the Walkabout Creek Hotel, has become a major tourism attraction as it was featured in the movie Crocodile Dundee.

McKinlay Race Club Hosts Annual Race Meet

The McKinlay Race Club holds the McKinlay races in June every year. This race meeting is one of the last of the true outback races, and is known as the most dominant meet in all of North West Queensland, attracting some high quality thoroughbred horses, and a large number of out of town serious race goers.

Although the main crowd watching the Mckinley Cup at the meeting definitely comprises the families of McKinley, as the races are one of the great social events of the town, and many local competitions are held for everyone to take part, with special prizes offered in the highly popular fashion competition. The main draw is the McKinlay Cup race, run over a distance of 1800 metres and offering prize money of 25,000 dollars. This is an Open Handicap race, and the McKinlay Cup entrants come from all over the state.

Lively Racing Scene in Australia

The Australian racing scene is extremely busy, with races taking place every weekend and during the week too. They generate a huge amount of interest among the populace, and provide punters with endless opportunities for mobile betting Kenya on the horses. There is an enormous amount of activity online every race day, with all the sports betting sites in operation. Online betting has become one of the most often used method of placing a bet, as it is very convenient, and when using reputable betting sites, also safe and secure.

Horse races have always been some of the biggest sports events in the world, and they appeal to huge crowds of spectators. They become even more exciting when there is a financial interest in the outcome of the race.

Finding the Best Odds Online

Today placing a bet online is very easy, as all the punter needs is a computer or a smart phone, and the whole transaction can be accomplished without putting a foot out the house. The punter can also investigate all the sports books to find those with the best bonuses and benefits offered, and those that offer the best odds on the horse race the punter is interested in, and which will give the best chance of a large win.