Online AFL Bookmakers

Not an AFL season goes by without scores of New Zealander punters enjoying a staggering amount of betting on quality rugby. Previously the domain of the local betting shops, betting on the elite Aussie rules football competition can be done online.

Good quality bookmakers offer match and long-term season bets, as well as other types of bets, and they provide punters with the secure services they need to deposit NZ$ into their accounts.

The trick, of course, is to sign up at reputable online bookmakers with AFL markets. The following tips will help punters determine whether a sportsbetting site is worth their time and money.

AFL Bookmakers and Punters in New Zealand

One of the very first things punters would need to determine when deciding on an online bookmaker is whether or not the bookmaker actually accepts punters based in New Zealand.

Obviously, the bookmaker would also need to offer AFL markets. This can be found by checking the site’s Markets page, although some bookmakers do provide a handy Markets menu on the home page.

Punters would also need to check that the bookmaker accepts NZ$, if they want to avoid the hassle and fuss of currency conversions when placing AFL bets. If such information is not displayed on the home page, punters should be able to find it on either the Banking or FAQ pages.

Along with secure banking, accessible support should also be offered. Support for punters should be available 24/7 via toll-free phone numbers, email, and live chat.

Take Note of AFL Bet Types

The AFL features various seasons and series, as well as special events. Online bookmakers that cater for punters in New Zealand should therefore offer a good range of markets and bets.

Reputable bookmakers go beyond outright win match bets, even though those are the most popular of all bets placed during the Aussie rules football season. They also offer long-term bets and exotic or prop bets such as betting on correct scores, or the number of points to be scored by specific players.

Multiple batch bets and bracket bets should also be offered to New Zealander punters, even if only at certain times during the season.

The AFL season runs from March to September, with the pre-season games being played in February. The regular or premiership season features 23 rounds of games played at home and away.

The eight teams that placed highest during the premiership season go on to the Finals series, with the last two teams left standing then facing each other in the Grand Final, played on the last Saturday of September.

Secure Online Bookmaker Banking

If punters have found an online bookmaker that both offers online betting Kenya AFL betting markets and accepts punters based in New Zealand and NZ$ as well, they would need to check that the bookmaker’s banking service can be trusted.

Being exposed to potential fraud or scams isn’t exactly the best way to enjoy betting action. Punters can find out whether or not the banking service is secure by looking out for information about data encryption on the site’s home, banking, and FAQ pages.

It is also helpful to check what payment methods are accepted by the online bookmaker. Punters should be able to make deposits using methods such as credit cards, e-wallets, and prepaid cards.